Resident Manager

Will Ash

Will is new resident manager in charge of nearly everything. He describes it as a “varied palette,” drawing on skills ranging from hospitality and people management to landscaping and building needs, with a little chemistry thrown in. “I’m the eyes and feet-on-the ground” for the board, he adds. “I just help carry out the rules.” His military service at San Miguel Naval Base in the Philippines, where communications ranged from Pacific cable transmission to space, is bound to come in handy, as is his experience as father of three and stepfather of three more.
Ash is organizing files, updating emergency contacts, resolving neighborhood skirmishes and no doubt, memorizing all the people he answers to—the Puamana directors and 90 or so other property owners, not to mention Honolulu based Hawaiiana Management. And that’s not counting long and short-term renters.


Our landscaping company is “Green and Clean” which began work on March 1st, 2016. Our landscaping crews work Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Christi and Will Ash