House Rules

Below please find a revised edition of our Puamana House Rules which were approved at the homeowner’s meeting December 4, 2017.
House rules routinely need updating as federal, state and county regulations, as well as technologies change.
By ensuring that you and your guests or vacation renters understand and observe our house rules you will be uniting with your neighbors in promoting a pleasant, harmonious and safe environment for all our residents here at Puamana.
A digital copy of our house rules is available below or you may request a copy from our resident manager or Hawaiiana Management.
Regretfully we can not provide multiple copies for vacation rental purposes.
Should you have any questions please direct your inquiry to our management executive, Lourdes de Armas at Hawaiiana Management Company.

In our effort to keep Puamana a pleasant and safe environment for all residents and visitors . We appreciate your cooperation in following these few simple rules. Please familiarize yourself and your guests with our house rules.


Parking at Puamana is very limited. Please be courteous to your neighbors and follow the parking rules. It is the owners responsibility to inform all guests, vacation rental agencies and cleaning/service personnel about permitted parking.
Each unit is assigned one parking space clearly marked as “Resident” along with the building number. Please do not park in these spots if you are not a resident of the designated building number with a parking permit, even if it is just for “a few minutes”.
Visitor and guest parking is provided with spaces marked “permit or visitor.”
Permits for vacation renters may be obtained from the resident manager at the office.
Please contact our resident manager during normal business hours regarding parking questions.  Will Ash – 808-651-3830

Please do not feed the Chickens!

We ask you not to feed the chickens, cats or any wildlife on the Puamana property. Remember the chickens eat centipedes, cockroaches and other undesirable creepy crawly things that we don’t want. Keep them hungry so they will eat lots of bugs! Many of the birds found on the Paumama property, including the Laysan Albatross and the Nene (Geese) are protected under Federal Law and it is a violation of these laws to feed or harass them in any way.


Hawaii Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of buildings. Since our air is so clean, smoke travels farther and smells stronger to non-smokers.

Please do not smoke in any area, including your lanai where it might creep into other units.


We have recently completed an upgrade to our pool! Information is available on the Pool Information page.
The pool is open from 8:00 AM until sunset. No alcoholic beverages or glass is permitted in the pool area. The pool is located at the end of the middle road by the clubhouse. Please download the complete house rules for all pool information.


Please no cardboard or green waste in the dumpsters. Household trash only.

Please take your recyclables to our nearest transfer station which is open 7:15 am to 3:15 pm daily and located approximately two miles south on the Kuhio Highway,  Information available at:

Puamana is a No Fireworks Zone

After-hours problems

Contact Princeville Security at 826-6181, Kauai Police Department at 241-1711

For Emergencies call 911